Canada BC 49 Result Saturday 26 February 2022 is a 6 pick out sport that is performed from a primary pool of 1-49 6 numbers are drawn from a simple pool of one-49 and a separate bonus ball is drawn. The bonus variety can avail gamers win the second one or sixth vicinity prize. Canada BC  is a draw recreation performed in British Columbia. The sport is run in-province by using the British Columbia Game Corporation (BCLC) a Crown employer.

Canada BC 49 Result Saturday 26 February 2022


Bonus ( 03 )

There are 6 basic prize pools in all Generally consisting of the jackpot. If seven or extra tickets Generally healthy to win the second vicinity prize, that’s conventionally $seventy five,000 all victors will apportion equipollent in a $450,000 prize pool.

How to Play Canada BC 49 ?

The exceptional manner Generally to win is to in shape all six of your numbers with the first 6 drawn through 6 officers to win the $2,000,000 jackpot so. Barring that, matching Generally all 4 of your Extra numbers to the 4 drawn from a pool of ninety nine (1-ninety nine) will award $500,000 so.

JOIN CANADA BC forty nine

Matching  essential numbers plus Generally the bonus number (2/6+B) will award a prize of $5. To win $75 at odds of 1 in 1,033 you will require to fit 4 of six (four/6).


  • Can I buy a Canada BC 49 ticket on line?

CANADA BC forty nine tickets aren’t available for online purchase.

  • What is the Canada BC 49 drawing?

The drawings take vicinity on each Wednesday and Saturday.

  • What time is Canada BC 49 drawing?

The draw takes area at 7:30 PM Generally Canada Standard time.

  • What are the CANADA BC 49 victoriously prevailing numbers?

View the brand new Canada BC 49 obtaining victory numbers on this internet site 49sresult.UK